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Helping people and cultures connect

Helping people and cultures connect and build trusting relationships for success in international environment.

As an Intercultural Coach I will help you manage challenging and complex processes during expatriation, international collaboration or fulfilling specific tasks in a multicultural context.

Why Intercultural management coaching and consultancy gives you and your organization a competitive advantage?

In our increasingly digital, global and connected world, empowering and leading people, managing complexities across cultural borders are absolute necessities for effective and connected international teamwork. The ability to recognize and adjust to cultural signals so that your effectiveness is not compromised when dealing with people from different backgrounds is crucial.

Where are you now? Where are you going from here?

How can you go beyond cultural difference to develop and sustain mutual understanding, trust and respect?

I empower senior managers, professionals and their family members in their transition to achieve personal and professional goals in an international environment.

I offer you highly participative, interactive, practical programmes

carefully tailored to your needs of

working successfully in today’s

multicultural domestic and global

business environment.

I use various tools and techniques for cultural self-awareness, global mindset

development and strategy building.

Why not to get in touch with me and see how I can help. 

Intercultural Management: Service

Helping people and cultures connect and build trusting relationships for success in international environment.

If you are:

  • trying to improve efficiency within your international teams

  • expanding your business activities into global markets

  • relocating to another country or relocating to your home country

  • responsible for developing or managing cross-cultural business relationships

  • communicating, influencing or working across cultures

  • the part of an international project team and want to build more successful

             relationships in the global workplace


You will

  • understand the impact of major similarities and differences between cultures, and their implications on communication styles, work performances and relationships

  • build the skills to communicate, influence, make decisions, and interact effectively with your international colleagues

  • deal effectively and confidently with international issues in management and communicaion

  • get more results and satisfaction from international work

  • avoid the pitfalls causing international failures

  • develop strategies to cope with your specific challenges

Whether it’s about

Drive: confidence and motivation

Knowledge: values, beliefs, systems

Strategy: increasing your awareness and assumptions

Action:  changing your prefered style to be more effective in a variety of cultures

I am here to support and guide you.

I offer an initial 30 min consultation free of charge with no obligation. During this consultation you will have the opportunity to ask questions, talk about your hopes and expectations and find out more about the coaching process.

Intercultural Management: Welcome

Helping people and cultures connect and build trusting relationships for success in international environment.

Sample programmes

The programmes are designed to enhance your cultural awareness and efficiency when working with international colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners.

  • Country/Culture specific working styles and personal adjustment

  • Intercultural Competence Development

  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Management

  • Global Mindset Development

  • Preparation for International Assignments and Relocation

  • Country Specific Cultural programmes with special emphasis on Business Culture in the Baltic countries, Eastern European countries, UK and Russia.

Each programme is developed to meet individual client needs after conducting needs analysis and consultations with the participant.

Intercultural Tools and Techniques

A variety of activities and information is presented within the context of the programme, including case studies, video, role plays and tools, such as GlobeSmart, Culture Wizard or others. Through discussion and interactive exercises, participants will develop the cultural agility and strategies to work effectively with colleagues from a specific culture.

I am also licensed to deliver The International Profiler (TIP) -the DNA of Intercultural skills and Business Solutions from Worldwork.

The International Profiler is a strategically designed tool that helps people adapt to working in a global environment. It has been meticulously crafted to enable people to breach the cultural wall that so often hinders success when conducting business on an international or global level.

People who complete the International Profiler (TIP™) process will become more self aware and will be able to adopt behavioural strategies appropriate for the particular intercultural context that they are currently working in – or that they will be working in. It is a personal development process, based on a self assessment psychometric questionnaire resulting in a detailed personal feedback report.

Intercultural Management: About
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